New Corona rules

New Corona rules

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From Monday, 11 January, new Corona rules will apply. The aim of all measures is to minimise the risk of contagion. The new regulation is valid until 31 January.

·        Please reduce personal meetings to the absolute minimum.

·        Parties and similar celebrations are generally prohibited.

·        Keep at least one and a half meters away from other people in public space.

·        The everyday mask is to wear correctly – that means, also over the nose – and wherever it is prescribed or becomes tight.

·        Meetings without minimum distance are only permitted in exceptional cases. These include, for example:

  • meeting within your own home;
  • meeting of one's own house and another person. Children to be cared don´t count
  • journeys by public transport;
  • mandatory meetings for the exercise of the profession;
  • meeting close relatives at funerals and civil weddings.

·        Please always pay attention to the hygiene rules, i.e. wash your hands regularly and sneege into the arm bend.

·        It is also recommended to install and use the Corona warning app on your mobile phone.

·        An everyday mask must be worn:

  • in enclosed spaces in public spaces, where there is traffic of visitors, as well as at markets and similar outdoor outlets. This also applies in the immediate vicinity of retail stores (e.g. land, parking lots, access routes),
  • at work, provided that a distance of one and a half metres from other persons cannot be guaranteed,
  • in buses, local and long-distance trains and taxis,
  • in hospitals and nursing homes,
  • in school buildings and on the grounds of schools – from grade 5 onwards also in the classroom,
  • on playgrounds - applies to children from primary school age and their parents as well as any other accompanying persons,
  • in the case of permitted so-called "body-related services" (e.g. physiotherapy).

Since the beginning of vaccinations, 2829 Bochumers have been vaccinated. A total of 8588 (+65) people have been tested positive for the Corona virus in Bochum since march. 7540 (+123) have recovered in total, 99 (+1) have died at or with Covid-19. Currently 949 (-59) people are infected, 171 (-11) of them are hospitalized, 33 (-1) of them intensively-medically. The number of infections in the last seven days, calculated per 100,000 inhabitants, is 103.1.